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Crime Incidents Reported to Police for:

10/31/21 to 11/06/21 - one incident (attempted car break-in) - occurred 11/5 at 10:15 p.m. on the 7200 Block of Clemson.  An unknown vehicle with 3 Caucasian young males in a Chevy 64-66 Truck seen at end of alley.  They jumped out to attempt to break-in neighbor's vehicle and jumped in the car and headed down alley. The incident was reported to police.  The description of the vehicle and the license plate provided by resident did not match the suspect information as confirmed by Police.

10/21/21 to 10/30/21 - no incidents reported

10/17/21 to 10/23/21 - no incidents reported

10/10/21 to 10/16/21 - no incidents reported

Crimewatch #1109 
Call 911 for all Suspicious Activity
The City of Dallas has a No Soliciting Ordinance - it helps all of us and more importantly our senior citizens in our community, if we all practice and are aware of ordinance regulations.  Opening your door is not recommended for unknown solicitors, legitimate solicitors are aware of all the rules and regulations for their safety as well.  Get a "No Solicitor's Sign".
To learn more about the City of Dallas, "No Solicitor's Ordinance - click here.
Make sure that your home address is visible from the street in case of Police and/or Fire units need to come to your home.
University Terrace Crimewatch Team
Thank you for those residents who reported seeing/hearing a vehicle in the alley on November 5th. As described in the incident above, the most important message for residents to know is to always report on any and all suspicious activity to the police. 
The result of reporting suspicious activity in the example above, along with the resident on Clemson who reported the BMV "in progress", Police were able to respond very quickly.  

We appreciate everyone's diligence and together we can keep us all informed.

University Terrace Crimewatch Team
Reported attempted BMV (Burglary of Motor Vehicle - Clemson)