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Crime Incidents Reported to Police for:

03/15/20 to 03/18/20 - no incidents  suspicious activity two suspicious males 7000 Blk of Lehigh, doorbell rang rapidly

03/08/20 to 03/14/20 - no incidents

03/01/20 to 03/07/20 - no incidents

02/23/20 to 02/29/20 - no incidents

02/16/20 to 02/22/20 - no incidents

02/09/20 to 02/15/20 - one incident - 7300 Blk. Lehigh  - Misc. open building - checking into details.

02/03/20 to 02/08/20 - no incidents


University Terrace Crimewatch - Be On Alert
In case you see it on your home surveillance or get a person coming to your door that is suspicious, please do not open door and call 911.
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We are still collecting monies for this project as we received a small amount of donations.
Please send us your payment as soon as possible. The total amount is $3016.00 and we have colllect about $800 thus far. Send your cash, online (go to Contact us) or check (made payable to University Terrace Crimewatch for $7.25. *Note if payment is online via paypal the total amount will be $6.74 so adjust the amount accordingly. Thank you!