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Dallas Police Online Reporting System
Technology! - If you need to report an incident, you can now make a report of these types of crimes online. This doesn't substitute a call to 911. Check out this new online report system - click link below;

Crime Incidents Reported to Police for:

02/03/20 to 02/08/20 - no incidents

01/27/20 to 02/02/20 - no incidents

01/19/20 to 01/26/20 - no incidents

01/12/20 to 01/18/20 - no incidents

01/05/20 to 01/11/20 - no incidents



University Terrace Crime Watch
If you are new to our neighborhood, we want you to to know that we have an active crimewatch team.  We do patrol and we asked that if you have an incident to always report to 911.
If you are interested to help or volunteer we asked that you connect with us by email at university_terrace@yahoo.com or call us at 214.793.6776.
Another helpful tip for our neighbors is to connect and offer assistance or direct them to this website: university_terrace@yahoo.com
Incidents Reported to 911:
In case you have an incident make sure to report it to 911 always.  We have seen incidents reported on NextDoor or thru the Ring App.  It's important to note that Dallas PD when the incident isn't report, then resources can't be allocated.  Let's all get on the same page.